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Organic Curl Systems

organic curl systems

After nearly 3 hours of therapy, client has freely chosen curls-American Curls, Beach Curls, according to the expectation. The final effects remain on the hair for up to 12 months or may be terminated at any time by performing keratin treatments like TRUE KERATIN where we get straight, smooth hair. Hair after using of ORGANIC CURL STYLING SYSTEMS is delicate, soft, naturally curly. It is up to the client whether she wants curls to begin from roots of the hair, or from the middle of their length or only at the ends of the hair.

Modeling effects of this product allow you to have any size of curls by selecting the appropriate size and layout of curlers. The curl can be mild or strong. The styling is reinforcing the natural aspect of the hairstyle. The therapy is 100% safe for your hair. It does not contain ammonia, thioglycol. It has a natural pH balance. ORGANIC CURL SYSTEMS is based on cysteamine. Using ORGANIC CURL SYSTEMS do not damage / do not interfere with the natural structure of the hair, does not break the bonds of hair, hence it is so much popular especially in the USA. Due to the fact that the client can decide how long she wants to have her hair curly, this product becomes more and more popular in Europe.

KERATIN POLAND – as the exclusive distributor of this product in Poland-will conduct the same policy of distribution of the product as in the case of keratin TRUE KERATIN TREATMENT. There will not be opportunities to buy this product outside the company’s own distribution network KERATIN POLAND. There will not be product available on the internet. There will not be products available outside of professional hairdressing salons trained by KERATIN POLAND. There will not be product available without prior training. Priority in purchasing and training is given to salons cooperating with us.




According to our belief that the delicate internal structure of the hair should be protected and properly cared for, this range of products for effective care is not only designed exclusively for the repair of hair, softening them and care, but also as a perfect complement to Organic Curl Systems and Organic Color Systems . These products are created with natural sunflower extract and many certified organic extracts. They are essential to maintain the natural power of hair, while protecting against UV. It is important to choose the right hair care products for your customers – selection of cosmetics on the basis of the test result, “stretching hair wet.”


Organic Control Systems is the first range of styling products that are completely devoid of synthetics. Traditional ingredients of hair cosmetics make hair crumble and break, hair loses shape and requires re-styling to keep the fresh look.

The unique formula for the ingredients of natural origin used in Organic Control Systems allows any styling, while maintaining a natural look. The result is:
- Exceptional memory of hair shape
- Dynamic curls
- Shiny hair

Full range of products is suitable for all hair types.

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