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True Keratin


Therapy True Keratin hair treatment is based on keratin, which without the harsh chemicals, naturally straightens your hair. It is a nutritional effect that transforms the hair and makes them shine. This incredible treatment is designed for people who have curly, twisted and destroyed hair. By introducing keratin deep into the hair coating, True Keratin affects hair natural ingredients to achieve radical shine, beautiful smoothness and healthy, easy to maintain style.

Everyone can benefit from True Keratin therapy, even people with hair subjected to too many processes and destroyed by chemicals. In fact, the more damaged the hair, the better and longer effects therapy gives. The therapy deeply nourishes and restores hair. It is much more than just a way of straightening.

Immediate result is softness, shine and elegance – and unlike other chemical treatments it is suitable for color-treated hair and chemically straightened hair.

Created in the USA True Keratin treatment is gentle to the hair, improves their condition and restores resistance to make them strong and flexible. In addition, it immunizes hair on weather conditions and counteracts the effects of moisture.

przed-kuracja po-kuracji

When the hair is wonderful, shiny and easy to make, the time necessary for their styling is much reduced! True Keratin Treatment is cheaper than repeated having hair straightening and can be washed away at any moment. It can also be used parallel to previous therapy by improving the hair during each subsequent application. Therapy gives hair a natural look. They are not just straight and rigid as after usual treatment but remain thick and springy, and this effect persists for up to 4 months!

Therapy eliminates unattractive twisting and maximizes shine, whilst nourishing and improving hair condition. Your hair will always be soft and smooth, and stunning results will be visible immediately after application. Nightmares of styling is a thing of the past!

True Keratin product, is protected by more than fifty patents in America and around the world. Apply it on the hair in natural state, to avoid damaging the important amino acids and proteins. It works on all types of hair and leaves it easier to style, soft, shiny, smooth. The hair do not curl for up to five months, which means that they do need to be straightened. Hair smoothing system True Keratin contains True Keratin and is the only protein product, which has scientifically confirmed activity that is reflected in the quality of the restored hair. True Keratin is a protein dose available only in True Keratin product line worldwide.

This system smoothens the hair and restores the youthful appearance by repairing damaged hair and provide them with long-term nutrition and protection. Clinical tests have shown that the natural properties of the hair are preserved and rebuilt inside and outside. This system also provides protection against harmful UV rays, chemical treatments, aging and daily washing and styling of hair.

True Keratin, unlike other keratin-containing systems, is not subject to hydrolysis. Clinical tests have shown that the process of hydrolysis has bad influence on protein keratin, causing that they become inactive and cannot efficiently bind to the hair. The result is a lack of anti-aging effects. Check full range of True Keratin products.

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